The Executive Team



Kaylee MacPherson 


In her fifth year of the Commerce program, Kaylee is excited to continue pursuing her specialization in Marketing and Human Resources with a minor in Innovation. In her third year on the DWIB Executive Team, Kaylee is eager to bring her passion and experience to the role of President for the upcoming year. Returning from a 16-month internship, she is thrilled to be back in the DeGroote community to make an impact. Kaylee is dedicated to building upon DWIB’s legacy by expanding our community of empowered business students and creating a space to provide our members belonging and opportunity within DeGroote. Committed to creating an engaging and inclusive member experience, Kaylee is incredibly excited for the year ahead.

Vice President

Sierra Haziza


In her third year of the Integrated Business and Humanities program, Sierra is excited to pursue her interest in sustainability and community engagement. As an out-of-province student, she understands the positive impact of an effective personal and professional support network in a university setting. Sierra is thrilled to continue to build and facilitate meaningful connections within the DWIB and DeGroote community through her role as Vice President. Outside of DWIB, she believes in deep conversations over a cup of coffee, in stopping to pet dogs and in complimenting strangers outfits. Fueled by ambition and purpose, Sierra looks forward to creating a positive and welcoming environment for all members alongside her fellow executive team. 

Director of Finance

Nicole Alves-Sala


Meet Nicole. In her third year of the commerce program pursuing a minor in Sustainability, she is driven by her passion for all things finance. Having been a dedicated member of DWIB for the past two years, she has experienced firsthand the power of empowerment and sense of belonging that this group fosters. Now, as she steps into the role of Director of Finance, Nicole is eager to channel her enthusiasm into further strengthening the DWIB community and its commitment to inclusion and engagement. Can’t wait for another amazing year.

Director of Operations

Zoe Pearce


In her fifth year of the Commerce program, Zoe is specializing in Marketing with a minor in Sustainability. As a past DWIB team member and executive, Zoe is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive and supportive DWIB community for all students. Back at McMaster and DeGroote after a 12-month internship at S.C. Johnson, Zoe is excited to utilize her professional experience in her role as Director of Operations this year. Driven by her passions for mentorship and empowerment, Zoe is eager to collaborate with the executive team to organize engaging, memorable events for members.

Director of Multimedia

Sydney Zaludek


In her fourth year of the DeGroote Commerce program, Sydney is excited to continue pursuing her passion for marketing and analytics, as well as completing her minor in Innovation. She will have the opportunity to continue exploring her passions throughout her current internship at Jan Kelley, a Burlington-based marketing agency, as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. As a returning DWIB executive, Sydney strives to create a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment where every member feels motivated to reach their goals and experience new things! Sydney is excited to meet each and every fellow student involved with DWIB, and is eager to collaborate and grow alongside everyone this coming year!

Director of Marketing

Sarah McClelland


In her second year of the commerce program, Sarah is excited to pursue a minor in innovation. Having felt the positive impact of DWIB as a general member last year, Sarah is looking forward to contributing to the positive, inclusive, and supportive community DWIB provides. She is grateful for the opportunity to explore the field of marketing and become further involved within DWIB and DeGroote as a whole. With a passion for creating an impact and providing equal opportunity to all, Sarah cannot wait to collaborate with the executive team this year to make a lasting difference.

Director of External Relations

Zara Kanga


In her third year of the Integrated Business and Humanities Program, Zara is excited to join the DeGroote Women in Business team. Zara's passion for creating an inclusive community helps drive her work with corporate sponsors. She is dedicated to fostering the growth of the DWIB community, which has been a source of motivation during her past two years at DeGroote. Her work ambition is to engage in policy to create a safe and empowering workplace. Zara is eager to create lasting relationships and cultivate strong bonds between our DWIB sponsors and members to build a lasting impact!

Director of Internal Relations

Hurayen Kabir


Currently on her 16-month internship as a Supply Chain Specialist at Maple Leaf Foods, Hurayen is grateful for the opportunity to join the DWIB team this year as the Director of Internal Relations. Hurayen has always been deeply passionate about making a positive impact on her community, which is why she has been previously involved in organizations such as DeGroote Impact or Best Buddies Canada. Hurayen is eager to help build a positive and empowering community for students here at DeGroote, and hopes to build strong, long lasting, relationships with the DWIB community through this role. 

Director of Advocacy

Preye Ogeh


In her third year of the commerce program, specializing in marketing, Preye is filled with enthusiasm as she steps into the position of Director of Advocacy this year. Having previously served as one of the Vice Presidents of Internal Relations within the DeGroote Black in Business club, Preye fully comprehends the significance of recognition and the imperative need for marginalized communities to have their voices heard. Preye feels privileged to embrace this new role, with a strong commitment to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for all DWIB members. She is excited to share her dedication, focus, and is eager to contribute her skillset to the team this year.

Director of Community Engagement

Cassandra Khani


Entering her third year of the Integrated Business and Humanities program, Cassandra is excited to pursue her interests in marketing and law. Cassandra is more than ready to embark on the new role of community engagement as she leverages her academic background and passion for innovation to create accessible, engaging and empowering opportunities for members, alongside the Hamilton community. She will embody the values and mission of DWIB by supporting all women in their journey. Cassandra looks forward to collaborating with the executives to contribute a lasting, positive experience that will leave an impact on DWIB’s legacy!