The Team 2018/2019


Balkiren Dhillon

Heading into her third year at the DeGroote School of Business, Balkiren is thrilled to take on the role of President. Bringing experience, drive and ability from her experience in the DCS and her analyst position at an investment bank, she is ready to lead DWIB to another groundbreaking year. Balkiren is looking forward to seeing DWIB’s continued success and seeing its members grow both personally and professionally.

Vice President

Angelina Zhao

During her last year at DeGroote School of Business, Angelina is ready to organize more meaningful events for DWIB members with the team and make precious memories together. Besides great interest in Finance and Accounting, Angelina also enjoys being the Vice President of Sponsorship at another association. Angelina is excited to pursue a continuing success with DWIB, and aid its members with the transition from an academic to professional environment.

Director of External Relations

Alexandra Raskob

Heading into her third year at the DeGroote School of Business, Alexandra is prepared to embrace the school year with a positive attitude and will to succeed. Through past work experience within the customer service industry, Alexandra has developed a strong desire to work with others and further this experience through her role on DWIB’s executive team. She is looking forward to developing her own skills, as well as contributing to DWIB’s success.

Director of Internal Relations

Sarah Rotella

Heading into her second year at the DeGroote School of Business, Sarah is eager to learn and grow alongside DWIB and its members. Although the youngest exec, Sarah embodies leadership and has a passion for facilitating the success of those around her. With her experience in customer service as well as her own business, Sarah is organized, accountable and motivated. She is looking forward to continuing the success of DWIB and developing strong relationships with its members.

Director of Marketing

Hannah Despres

Entering her final year at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, Hannah is very excited to continue her role as the Director of Marketing for DWIB. While passionate about Marketing Hannah is unsure of what career she will pursue once she graduates. Hannah brings creativity, and a passion for women empowerment to the team and cannot wait for the upcoming year!

Director of Multimedia

Porsche Reynolds

Going into her third year at the DeGroote School of Business, Porsche is excited as she takes on her role as the Director of Multimedia. This role is a perfect fit with her experience in marketing and social media, along with her interest in graphic design. She is eager to help DWIB grow and develop new skills, as well as form new relationships with the DWIB Executive Team and its members.

Director of Finance

Dorina Szentivanyi

Entering her third year at the DeGroote School of Business, Dorina Szentivanyi is excited and passionate about female empowerment and seeing DWIB grow. Dorina currently works at the Bank of Nova Scotia and is completing her internship with Richardson GMP Limited. She is excited to bring her experiences and knowledge to DWIB and help its members grow.

Director of Operations

Cristina Da Silva

Entering her third year at the DeGroote School of Business, Cristina is ready and excited to take on her role as Director of Operations. With her experience at RBC this past summer, she is eager to take on new challenges and help DWIB make a change in the business world. Her attention to detail and organizational skills will help her excel in this position and guarantee the success of DWIB.