The Executive Team



Megan Comlekcier 


Entering her fourth year of the Commerce Program, Megan is excited to continue pursuing a specialization in Accounting and a minor in Economics. Megan is thrilled to bring her passion and experience as she takes on the role of President this school year. Returning from a summer internship, she is eager to leverage her academic background and professional experience in her new role. Megan is keen on creating a community of empowered female business students and looks forward to building upon DWIB's legacy. 

Vice President 

Pietra Kamstra


In her fourth year of Commerce, Pietra is excited to pursue a specialization in strategic management and marketing. As a female athlete and member of the McMaster Women's Varsity Basketball Team, she understands the need to support women and will bring her strong leadership and communication skills into her role as Vice President. She cannot wait to work with an incredible team to plan events and create an inclusive space within the university. Pietra is very excited to contribute to the amazing community of DWIB members and to help foster an environment for women to flourish.

Director of Finance

Gabby Durst


In her third year of the Commerce Program, Gabby is thrilled to be back for another year of engaging, motivating and empowering the female business community at McMaster. Gabby recognizes the importance of representation and advocacy and hopes to foster an environment of inclusivity, support, and growth for all members. Gabby is excited to leverage her academic background in accounting as she takes on the role of Director of Finance. Fueled by ambition, passion, and positivity Gabby cannot wait to work alongside her team to help make this a year to remember for the DWIB community.

Director of Operations

Renee Etheridge


In her third year of the commerce program, Renee is excited to begin pursuing a specialization in finance, with a minor in innovation. Renee is thrilled to be taking on the role of Director of Operations for DWIB, to create accessible, engaging, and empowering events for all members to enjoy. With comittment and passion for creating a stong community of empowered female business students, Renee hopes to make a lasting positive impact on the DWIB community.

Director of Multimedia

Kaylee MacPherson


Currently on internship in the Commerce Program, Kaylee is excited to continue pursuing her interests of Marketing and Innovation. She is very excited to return to DWIB as Director of Multimedia this year, bringing her enthusiasm, creativity and drive to the team. She is eager to innovate & highlight DWIB's brand while creating an engaging & inclusive environment for its members. With a passion for leadership and women's empowerment, Kaylee is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to DWIB's mission of engaging, motivating, and empowering female business students and work alongside the incredible executive team. 

Director of Marketing 

Sydney Zaludek


Going into her third year of the Commerce program, Sydney is excited to continue exploring her passions in marketing and finance, and she is completing a minor in innovation. Sydney is excited to bring her creativity, passion, and past academic experience to the team as the Director of Marketing for DWIB this year, and hopes to leave a lasting impact on the legacy of the club and all DWIB members for this upcoming year. She is dedicated to creating a community within DeGroote where all feel welcomed, and where ideas are able to flow and interests are able to be pursued for all members.

Director of External Relations

Natasha Pande


In her third year at the DeGroote School of Business, Natasha is excited to take on the role of Director of External Relations while continuing to explore opportunities in finance and marketing throughout her undergrad. After having completed a four month summer internship as a Institutional Analyst Intern at RBC, Natasha is eager to implement her newfound professional skillset this role. She has a passion for making an impact through leading by example and is looking forward to paving the way for a wave of positive change at DWIB this year.

Director of Internal Relations 

Sierra Haziza


In her second year of the Integrated Business and Humanities program, Sierra is excited to continue pursuing her interest in sustainability and community engagement. Raised in Whistler, B.C, she understands the positive impact of an effective personal and professional support network in a university setting. Sierra is thrilled about the opportunity to build and facilitate meaningful connections within the DWIB and DeGroote community through her role as Director of Internal Relations. With ambition and dedication, she looks forward to creating a positive and welcoming environment for all members alongside her fellow executive team.