Thriving Professionally!

Welcome to week 2!

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Tip #1: General Networking Tips

Tip #2: Club Events

Tip #3: On-Campus Professional Resources

Tip #1: general networking tips

  • Before networking events, do your research on the firms and professionals in attendance

  • Be yourself - people love authenticity!

  • Practice makes perfect - sign up for as many case competitions as you can! The only way to improve your skills is through practice

  • Send follow-up emails to thank the people you connected with at networking events

  • Use LinkedIn to expand your network and stay in touch with those you have connected with

Tip #2: club events

Club Events

  • Clubs are a great way to expand your learning and skillset beyond the classroom

  • Clubs can help you discover what industries and career paths you like best

  • Club events provide you the opportunity to hear from industry professionals and learn about how leaders got to where they are today

Case Competitions

  • A lot of case competitions are offered by clubs and are great for experiential learning

  • Participating in case competitions through a variety of clubs is a great opportunity to learn how to solve real business challenges

  • All first years complete a case competition within their 1GR0 course

Networking Opportunities

  • A lot of clubs host networking events or include networking components during their events - this is a great way to make connections!

Tip #3: On-Campus Professional Resources

DeGroote’s Career & Professional Development Team Resources

    • DeGroote’s CPD team provides many resources for students such as one-on-one coaching, networking opportunities and digital resources

    • DeGroote students can book one-on-one coaching sessions with Relationship Managers for resume and cover letter critiques, mock interviews, and much more!

    • This one-on-one support is extremely helpful as students navigate through the job/internship search

    • CPD also hosts different networking events such as Company Information Sessions, Industry Panels & Alumni Coffee Breaks to helps students grow their networks and build valuable connections

    • Link to the CPD website:

    • Link to CPD student services:


    • OscarPlus is an excellent tool students can use to find the CPD events calendar, apply for jobs, and book one-on-one coaching sessions.

    • To look at the jobs available for students, both summer and full-time opportunities, go to the dashboard, select “DeGroote School of Business” and select “Job Postings”. Here you will see all of the opportunities available to students!

    • To book a one-one-coaching session, select “DeGroote School of Business”, then “Appointments” and then “Commerce”. Finally, select “Career Coaching Appointment” and you can book an appointment at a date and time convenient for you.

    • To find the comprehensive list of CPD events, select “DeGroote School of Business” and then “Events”

    • Link to OscarPlus:


    • Leverage the various CPD Resource Guides available to students - these can also be found on OscarPlus by selecting “DeGroote School of Business” and “Resources” and “Commerce”

    • Here you will find guides on several different topics such as resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking, and on-campus recruitment