Thriving personally!

Welcome to week 3!

Tip #1: Staying Physically Healthy

  • Prioritize getting enough water and healthy food (especially during stressful times)

    • This will help fuel your body for a full day of classes and extracurriculars, spending hours studying at the library - or whatever the day holds for you!

  • Find different ways to spend time outside

    • Going for a walk, spending time at the park, studying outside, playing sports outside with friends, etc. is super beneficial for both your mental and physical health

  • Make sure to get good quality rest

    • Don't make the mistake of sacrificing sleep to cram for exams - getting good quality rest will boost your productivity and might even help you score better on that midterm!

  • Find a form of exercise that you love

    • Fitness is a key component to staying physically healthy! You can find home workouts that are dorm friendly on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc. or leverage the resources offered by McMaster

Tip #2: Staying Mentally Healthy

  • Prioritize sleep hygiene

    • Getting enough sleeps helps you focus better, handle your emotions better and allow you to feel energized all day even when school gets busy

    • School work will always be there and your best work gets done when you are energized, not tired!

  • Ensure you make time to take breaks to do things you love!

    • Whether you watch a movie, go to the gym, or hang out with friends, balance is so important to ensure that you get to experience the things you love. This helps to relieve stress and make sure your mental health is taken care of

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation

    • Journaling can help you take a minute and reground yourself, which is especially helpful when life gets busy.

    • There are great apps such as Headspace that offer guided meditation for specific circumstances and emotions. This can help you relax and regroup

  • Move your body!

    • Whether this means going for a walk, doing a home workout, or going to the gym, exercise is proven to increase serotonin production which will leave you feeling better! This can allow you recharge while doing school work and give your mind a well-deserved rest!

Tip #3: On-Campus Resources

  • Student Wellness Centre

    • The McMaster Student Wellness Centre has a range of counseling options, medical services and wellness programs. They have nurses, family medicine doctors and specialist doctors, which allows them to provide a wide range of health services. You can call them to easily book an appointment and check out their website for amazing resources

    • Link to Student Wellness Centre website:

  • David Braley Athletic Centre

    • DBAC offers many different gym areas including a women’s only gym

    • Free weekly classes include spin classes, strength training and yoga at different levels

    • Link to McMaster Athletics and Recreation website:

  • McMaster Community Fridge

    • The McMaster Community Fridge operates on a take-what-you-need, leave what-you-can system, which is open to everyone 24/7

    • The Fridge is located behind Mills library on the parking lot side and also includes a pantry and a freezer

    • Link to McMaster Community Fridge Instagram: @mcmastercommunityfridge