Thrive in an In-Person Environment

Welcome to week 3!

Tip #1: Prepare your supplies

Choose how you want to take notes. This may be different from how you take notes for online classes, or different for more content based courses vs application based courses!

    • Some platforms for note-taking include OneNote, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word

Supplies list:

You can find these supplies at Walmart, Staples, Amazon, the Campus Store, and more!

Tip #2: Stay motivated and ask for help when needed

Burnout is so real! To avoid it, here are some tips to help you stay focused and motivated:

  • Put your phone away! Have it in the other room while you're studying at home, or in your backpack while you're in class.

  • Turn your do not disturb on for your phone and you laptop! Also, take your headphones out to avoid distractions for yourself and others around you.

  • Try to sit near the front of the class and stay engaged by participating and asking questions!

  • Reach out to your professor or TA if you need help! Office hours, office location, and contact information can be found on the course outline or on Avenue to Learn.

Tip #3: Find a Place to Study

Having a study zone that works for you is one of the most important parts of succeeding in university! Find a place on campus that is right for you to study:

    • MUSC 2nd and 3rd floor: Open 24 hours for all students

    • MSU Grind CafĂ© in the basement of MUSC

    • Mills Library: Has group spaces, quiet conversational spaces, quiet learning zones, and silent study zones (6th floor).

    • Thode Library: Has group spaces, quiet conversational spaces, quiet learning zones, and silent study zones (lower level).

    • Health Science Library: Silent study space

If you're looking for a change of scenery when studying, check out Cootes Paradise for an outdoor study space!

While studying at home, try to find a place outside of your bedroom or areas of the house that you associate with relaxation to avoid distractions or unproductivity!

Tip #4: Plan out your Day

Time management is so important! Planning out your day can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle! Here are some tips on planning:

  • Getting from class to class can take a while so plan out your time to get to class appropriately

  • Plan out when to study, eat, see friends, workout, etc. That way you can stay on top of both your academic and your social life!

  • Use a calendar, daily planner, sticky notes, or a digital calendar such as Google Calendar or Notion


Do you have any questions about the topics covered this week? Let us know by filling out our google form.