Preparing for Classes

Welcome to week 1!

Tip #1: Choose Your Courses Wisely

Remember to take a look at your program's required courses! Along with that, don't forget to browse through electives to find ones that fit your interest!

For information on minors:

  1. Click 2021-2022 Undergraduate Calendar

  2. Click Programs (by Degree) and Minors

For information on courses being offered:

  1. Click 2021-2022 Undergraduate Calendar

  2. Click Course Listings

Professors are a key aspect to a course so looking them up can help you learn more about their teaching styles and expectations so that you are best prepared for the fall!

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed or confused about which courses to take, don't worry! You can book an appointment with an Academic Advisor to help gain clarity!

To book an appointment with an Academic Advisor:

  1. Click DeGroote School of Business

  2. Click Appointments

  3. Click Commerce

  4. Click Book by Appointment Type

  5. Click Academic - Zoom Appointment

In addition to taking the required courses in the Commerce or IBH program, if you are interested in pursuing a designation, ensure that you plan ahead and take the appropriate courses during your undergrad!

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Courses

Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) Courses

Business Technology Management (BTM) Courses

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

If you’re interested in pursuing the CFA designation, be sure to look into the details of the designation as well as the CFA scholarship procedures CLICK HERE

To access the list of all available minors and their requirements CLICK HERE and scroll to about ¾ of the page!

Tip #2: Read course Syllabi to select/prepare for classes

This one is a life saver! Take a look at the outlines for all your courses! Look for what textbooks/software you'll need along with what the grade breakdown is. Reading through what you will learn weekly is also super helpful if you want to get a head start!

Tip #3: Know Which Textbooks to Buy and Where to Buy Them

As mentioned before, the best place to find your required textbooks is your course outline! The two most common places where you can get them are:

Tip #4: Join Facebook Groups/Follow Instagram Pages

Connect with your peers and meet new people before fall by following various Instagram pages or by joining Facebook groups!


Facebook Groups:


If you have any questions regarding the topics we covered this week please let us know by filling out our Week 1 Question Form which you can find HERE, or by contacting us on Instagram @degrootewomen.