Life at degroote

Welcome to week 3!

Tip #1: Attend Virtual Welcome Week

For the incoming first years that are just entering university, you are beginning a new and exciting chapter of your life. Attending virtual welcome week before classes begin, will be a great way to transition into university and meet new upper years and fellow first years.

The Greensuits team has planned an exciting itinerary of events for the week so be sure to participate!

Check out the DeGroote Start Up Experience to prepare for the upcoming semester and get to know your fellow first years, upper years, professors and TAs before classes begin!

Tip #2: Get Involved

Getting involved within the DeGroote and McMaster community is a great way to pursue your passions and interests, experience growth, and meet new people! With over 15+ clubs and committees at DeGroote and over 350 clubs at McMaster, the opportunities are endless! Check out the links below to learn more and find something that interests you!

Check out the DeGroote Clubs & Committees and be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date!

To learn more about all the clubs available at McMaster, check out the McMaster Clubs Directory

Tip #3: Finding a Mentor

As Canada’s largest university mentorship program, FYO is here to match incoming first years with experienced upper year commerce or IBH students to provide academic, professional, and social support throughout the transition into university. Be sure so stay tuned to the FYO Instagram Account to find out when you can register to become either a mentor or mentee!

Tip #4: Explore Hamilton

As the new school year begins, our lives will be much busier with academics and extracurriculars. It is important to make time to get out of the house and do things that you enjoy! The city of Hamilton has a lot to offer, so if you’re living in the Hamilton area this upcoming semester, be sure to do some exploring. Additionally, while the weather is nice, take advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces on campus and switch up your study locations.

Waterfall Capital of the World

As the Waterfall Capital of the World, Hamilton is home to over 100 waterfalls. In your free time, be sure to explore the Hamilton waterfalls to see the beauty for yourself! Check out the Hamilton Waterfall Guide and @tourismhamilton and @urbancityhamilton on Instagram for more on what Hamilton has to offer!

Eating in Hamilton

Hamilton is home to many delicious restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops! For recommendations be sure to follow the following accounts on Instagram:

@steeltownchowdown @tastehamont @hamontfoodie

@thishamiltonianeats @hamontmarket


Do you have any questions about the topics covered this week? Let us know by filling out our google form.